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Postnatal Care (Mothers and Babies)

The post-natal experience for women, especially first time mums, is often overwhelming, hard, wonderful, tiring….and most importantly, is different for every mother.

In the healthcare space, we hear often that the services and support for post-natal women, are often missing or not provided at the level required to provide sufficient support; at Femina, we hope to change this.

At Femina, we know this is a rapid and evolving period of change for the mother, partner and family and as such we recognise the importance of providing women the opportunity to identify any health issues, to openly discuss any concerns they might have and to provide support and reassurance where necessary, in a judgement free space.

It also provides an opportunity for the mother to debrief about the birth experience or unexpected outcomes and allows assessment for ongoing or future concerns.

Current guidelines for the timing of the first post-natal visit for a woman is for it to be individualised and flexible to reflect the individual’s needs, but generally occurs between 4-8 weeks after the birth, most often it is carried out together with the baby’s 6 week postnatal check up.

The post-natal check involves a physical examination and overall general assessment through various questioning, together with a check on mental health status, all tailored to your personal situation, allowing you the time to discuss what is important to you or what you are most concerned about at this present time.

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