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A premium health service, with a focus on women and babies; Femina offers specialised services that cater to the a-z of the female experience.

Bought to you by a team of passionate specialist clinicians, allied health and mothercraft trained nurses, Femina creates purposeful and tailored care options to service both your healthcare needs and empower the best version of you.


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Too often in healthcare, a patient’s journey consists of numerous short appointments spread across multiple locations and complex referral pathways. All of these factors ultimately hinder the ability to create a specific and tailored health solution.

Here at Femina, our Mothercraft Nurses and specialist clincians work together to ensure your care remains centralized, coordinated by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. This team can directly communicate, collaborate, and work together to maximize your well-being and deliver premium health solutions.

From commencing your menstrual cycle to fertility & pregnancy planning, across post birth support to cosmetics; Femina will provide end to end coordinated care, to empower the best version of you.

Care in Focus

Menopause and Bone Health

Women will often start to worry about their bone health around the time of perimenopause.

Our peak bone mass is reached at approximately 25 years old. It then gradually declines as we age. This decline becomes marked after menopause and can lead to osteoporosis. This is because oestrogen levels drop after menopause, oestrogen is an important element of keeping the bones strong.

Osteoporosis, or low bone density, means that the bones are weak and can fracture easily. These fractures can then have a devastating impact on quality of life, independence and even life expectancy.

Osteporosis doesn’t cause symptoms, until a fracture occurs, so women will often be unaware that this process is occurring.

However, screening tests can diagnose osteoporosis, or a less severe form called osteopaenia. With your GP, you can then work on a diet and exercise plan to help reduce your bone risk. For some women, medication may also be prescribed. This can include menopausal hormone therapy (also called HRT) or bone specific treatments. New Australian guidelines recommend that MHT can be used to preserve bone health in many women. This is especially important for women who went through menopause under the age of 45.

If you would like to discuss any of the above further with a health practitioner, please feel free to schedule a Menopause Consultation with any of our available specialist GP’s.

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