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● Mothercraft Nurse

● Newborn Routine

● Feeding Issues

Windows of Time (WOT) is a concept created by mothercraft nurse, Jennifer Hamilton, who has over 30 years experience in mothercraft nursing, to help guide and assist parents in understanding the interrelationships between feeding, sleeping and playtime, and explains how long a baby requires to spend on each activity and why.

For the first time anywhere, Jennifer will finally be providing face to face WOTBaby consultations from Femina, in Lane Cove.

“Jen & WOTBaby got me through some of the hardest years of my parenting life! Having three babies in 13 months and no idea what I was doing, WOTBaby was a lifesaver! Following WOTBaby’s suggested routines and sleep advice is how all 3 of my kids were sleeping through 12 hours a night by 4 months old. Ultimately it meant we slept too! WOTBaby is the support every new parent and baby needs to thrive! I can’t recommend it enough!”

Traditionally she has only ever been available online or via comprehensive home visits which has limited access to her services for many people. We know how sought after these appointments will be for mums, dads and babies.

With over 30 years’ experience, Jennifer’s consults will provide an introduction to the ‘Windows of Time’ (WOT) concept that empowers parents to create personalised routines that lead to healthy sleep and feeding patterns for their baby that supports healthy growth and brain development that in turn leads to more peaceful sleep for the rest of the household!

Here for your Journey


“I’ll empower you with the information you need to establish the foundations for a healthy routine that works around your family and your baby’s needs.”


  • Feeding
  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Routine Establishment
  • Introduction of Solids
  • Night Waking Issues

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