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Pregnancy Planning & Fertility

Whether you are considering pregnancy in the immediate or not too distant future; part of that thought process may make you wonder about your fertility and whether or not there are actions that can be taken early to best prime you for your future hopes of starting a family.

There are some factors that might be out of your control, such as medical issues that affect the ability to conceive; however there are also many factors in regards to your lifestyle choices that can have a direct effect on your fertility and ability to fall pregnant and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

The preconception period (3 to 6 months prior to pregnancy) is the time to make life changes that can help boost fertility, reduce problems during pregnancy and assist in recovery from birth.

If you are thinking about pregnancy, then we have specialist clinicians who provide comprehensive fertility and pregnancy planning consultations. They will provide you with expert advice, the latest information and counselling on planning your pregnancy for optimal outcomes.

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