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What is involved in Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care frequently involves screening that aims to improve outcomes for you while pregnant and for your baby. It also includes providing support, information and advice to you during the entire pregnancy and undertaking regular clinical assessments and checks on yourself and the growing baby.

The key feature of the high-quality antenatal care provided at Femina is that we focus on each person’s individual needs, expectations and aspirations, including your physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural needs.

At Femina, we provide you with time, continuity and offer consistent support and guidance, no matter what your circumstances, so that you are able to make informed choices and decisions throughout your antenatal journey.

Current recommendations for antenatal care have shifted from a ‘traditional’ fixed schedule of visits towards a more flexible tailored plan of visits that is developed in consultation with each person in early pregnancy and designed to meet your individual needs.

How many Antenatal Visits are required?

Ten antenatal care visits are recommended for someone without complications having her first pregnancy, and seven visits for someone having a subsequent pregnancy. The ‘first visit’ is an important focus in antenatal care, as provision of advice and a range of assessment and screening activities which is best undertaken early in pregnancy to maximise the benefits. It is recommended that the first antenatal care visit occurs before 10 weeks’ gestation. However, sometimes the first visit is a little later depending on various factors including whether the first or a subsequent pregnancy.

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